Parque Nacional Volcan Poás

Classic Volcan Poás Photo: Peter Andersen
While staying at our spacious 2-story, 1-bedroom condo with an ocean-view rooftop terrace in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, a trip to visit the stunning turquoise lake waters of Parque Nacional Volcan Poás, Alajuela, may be in your travel plans. 

Current Conditions at Volcan Poás, Photo: OVSICORI-UNA
But if that's currently the case, you may have to wait awhile. As of April 17th, 2017, Parque Nacional Volcan Poás is closed indefinitely due to seismic activity, which includes gas and vapour eruptions that have been spewing volcano rock into the paths of visitors, some reaching as far as 1 km away, eek! This 1 km distance also coincides with the height of the white plume seen above the Poás lake crater. 

Once the rumbling dies down, it's sure to open again to the public but in the mean time, check out the current status of Parque Nacional Volcan Poás hours here.

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Costa Rica Imperial Beer

Known as The Beer of Costa Rica, Imperial, produced by Florida Ice and Farm Company (FIFCO) in Heredia, is a popular choice for ticos and tourists alike. But now there's another reason to drink this lager-style beverage: Imperial has just been declared to be the worlds first beer to be water positive!

So what does this mean exactly? According to FIFCO:
Being 'Water Positive' means having strategies in place to contribute with water conservation. "Imperial has managed to reduce over 44% the consumption of water in its manufacturing process, with the help of investments in high technology equipment, and the establishment of good environmental practices regarding the adequate use of this vital liquid." - Gisela Sanchez, Director of Corporate Relations, FIFCO
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