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Before arriving in Costa Rica, it's easy to think the weather will be hot, Hot, HOT! And depending on where and when you travel, this may be the case.  Prices are lower during the off season but will you get the weather you're looking for?  Let's check it out.

Dry Season or Wet Season?
Unlike North America, Costa Rica has only 2 very distinct seasons - dry (high) or wet (green) - but these do vary amongst the country.  As a rule of thumb, the basic dry season runs from December to April while the wet season runs May to November.  Exceptions to this rule include places like the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal Volcano and the Southern Caribbean where the rains are frequent throughout the year.

Northern Pacific Coast/Guanacaste
This region produces a comfortable dry heat comparable to the climate found in Los Cabos, Mexico.  Average high temperatures during the dry season range from 88-92°F while lowering to 72-77°F during the wet season.  The Playas del Coco area is the perfect location from which to visit & experience the different climates of Costa Rica while maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Central Pacific Coast/Puntarenas
The Manuel Antonio area is known for it's very humid and hot tropical weather comparable to St. Lucia in the Caribbean.  During the dry sunny season, the average daily temperature 90°F with a relative humidity of 88%; temperatures drop to the low 70s during the rainy season.

Central Valley/San Jose
Home to volcanoes and San Jose City, the Central Valley offers a mild climate and an average year-round temperature of 72°F.  It's no wonder the province of San Jose is where almost 3/4 of Costa Rica's population resides.  

Southern Caribbean/Limon
With typical Caribbean weather - high humidity, lots of sunshine, sporadic rain - dry season temperatures in Limon reach the mid to high 90's with a relative humidity of 89%.

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