I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Any self-respecting Canadian will recognize this title - I Wear My Sunglasses at Night - to be a song from 1980's rocker Corey Hart.  And no matter where you're traveling this holiday season, don't forget to take your shades!

Whether you choose to rock a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses like James Bond in Skyfall or to go with classic oversized frames from Dolce & Gabbana like amazing songstress Adele, it's so important to have a good pair of sunglasses when visiting a sunny tropical country like Costa Rica!

Did you know you can sunburn your EYES?!  It's true!  Popular reporter Anderson Cooper of CNN recently experienced temporary blindness for 36 hours after he unknowingly sunburned his eyes while on assignment in Portugal.  

Health Canada suggests choosing darker lenses in either a brown, green or grey tint or polarized lenses if you'll be on the water or say surfing at Witch's Rock in Guanacaste.  If you choose to go with sunglasses just for their looks, you can rest assured that you'll be blocking up to 60% of harmful UVA rays and more than 87% of UVB rays.

If you're planning on renting a car and driving in Costa Rica, you may want to choose a more general purpose pair of sunglasses that will block more than 60% of UVA rays and 95% of UVB rays - perfect for driving or maybe even wearing your sunglasses at night ;)

Pura Vida!

Ed & Connie

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