You Look Tired and Overworked.

Costa Rica's new tourism campaign is about to hit the airwaves, or should we say the YouTube waves? Maybe just the Costa Rican waves...oh, never mind ;)

They plan on saving Americans & Canadians from the dredges of their everyday lives by reminding us that we "look tired and overworked", so true. and it's all supported with cold hard facts:

  • 27% of Canadians carry over unused vacation days
  • 48% feel vacation deprived
  • 61% say they cannot disconnect from work

  • 59% of Americans feel vacation deprived
  • 1 in 4 get no paid vacation
  • 500,000,000 vacation days go unused. Really?!

For more information on planning your trip to Costa Rica, visit Save the Americans & Save the Canadians.

Pura Vida,
Ed & Connie

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