Cowboy Culture in Playas del Coco!

Check out this Facebook video re-posted by our friends, Digi & Marvin from Mardigitours

Guanacaste province is famous for its cowboy (sabanero) culture as the entire region has deep cattle ranching roots due to its dry tropical forest climate and variety of available topography including rolling plains and mountains.

In Playas del Coco it's common to see horses on the street or tethered up to a hitching post, especially during festival time when this unique culture is celebrated by generations of families as they take part in equestrian activities such as rodeos and bull riding, dancing, partying and of course, enjoying muy bueno typical Costa Rican dishes.

Here's a collage of the photos we took during the Playas del Coco Dias del Fiesta held annually in January:

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Pura vida,
Ed & Connie


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