Envision Festival 2017

Have you heard of Envision Festival 2017 in Uvita, Costa Rica? 
Well, Envision This:
(taken from the Envision Festival Facebook page)

"Warm wave, sandy bays, enchanted waterfalls, and crimson sunsets...
Howler monkey, sea turtle, dolphins and scarlet macaws...

Surfing, diving, paragliding, kayaking, horse rides, canopy tours, and jungle walks...

Yoga, dance, movement, permaculture, and eco-educational workshops...

And, of course, epic art and music..."

The Envision Festival 2017 goes on to describe itself:

"Envision a mix of conscious people from around the globe gathered to share an elevated experience of culture, spirit and community in stunning raw nature!

Join us in this magical place where time slows down and the outside world drops away... come dance, play, celebrate, love, learn, teach, co-create, co-inspire and transform our consciousness and our world.

With the collaboration of myriad talented allies, both local and international, we aim to co-create an event inspired by and inspiring the positive collective consciousness of all who are involved for the betterment of ourselves and of the planet.

By bring people together through music, art and sacred movement in one of the most gorgeous natural setting on the planet we offer an opportunity to celebrate our spirits, heal our bodies and minds, and recharge and revitalize our souls to help us both handle the challenges and realize the opportunities of our rapidly changing world."

While our 1-bedroom, ocean-view condo in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, is fully booked in February 2017, you're welcome to visit us before or after your Envision adventure! We're located on the northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, approx 340 km from Utiva, Puntarenas Province.

Join in on the fun at the 7th annual Envision Music, Art and Scared Movement Festival, February 23 to 26, 2017; 4-day passes starts at USD $333 per person.

For more information or to buy your tickets, visit Envision Festival and be sure to check our list of Annual Events in Guanacaste!

Pura vida,
Ed & Connie



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